Cy Girl Accessories and Clothes

Over the years I made some accessories and clothes.
Descriptions of how I made these are 'hidden' on the various pages of my Girls, so here is a list.


belt with buckle Belt with Buckle daisy chain Daisy Chain pumps Making Pumps fit
smart phone Smart Phone clutch Clutch desklamp 'Luxo jr.' Desk lamp


CG cutting masks for clothes The clothes I made sofar are completely homemade, I did not use existing patterns but figured out my own instead by taking measurements and wrapping masking tape around parts of a figure.
As a result I don't have any proper patterns to share, only a lot of 'cutting masks' (i.e. patterns used for cutting the fabric parts, including all seam allowances. Arrows indicate the direction of stretch, measurements are in mm.).
Below are links to pictures of some masks that might be useful.

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