Some Action Figure related Links

Cat(woman) and mouse

Online Shops

Hobby Link Japan get the latest action figures here.
the Old Joe Infirmary (OJI, a.k.a. OjiToys) FemBasix, loose items (hands), etc.
the Old Joe Infirmary (OJI) (direct link to FemBasix feet and pumps)
One Sixth Depot (OSD) great source for parts (sadly no longer online)
Triad Toys high quality clothing, parts, figures (website no longer online)
Warlords Keep (link to personal homepage as the web store is off-line for now)
Dollsfigure custom clothing sets, boots and some figures an online shop specializing in resin figure kits (website no longer online).
DollyHair offers a great selection of hair for rerooting (direct link to the saran hair page)
Zipper That Doll (formerly TinyZippers) doll-size zippers, very thin velcro and more

Action Figure Forums

the Men With Dolls Forum a friendly bunch sharing their love for female action figures.
Figurvore Forum, a great forum for those who not just display their 1/6 action figures.
One Sixth Warrior Forum .


Cool Girl database a detailed overview of all Cy Girl and Cool Girl releases and related items (sadly no longer online).
Riko's World beautiful custom painted figures.
Jimbob Wan website a great site with reviews of action figures and amazing custom built figures.
tutorial on how to replace sloppy ankles by Paul from Warlords Keep.

Two great sites for identifying a Barbie doll or face are:
Fashiondollz, which offers a searchable Barbie Database and a huge collection of pictures of Barbie faces and dolls.
KattisDolls, an extensive overview of all Barbie face sculpts, bodies, etc. by Katarina aka Katti from Sweden.

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