Fujimi New Savanna RX-7
1/48 scale, various series

Fujimi New Savanna RX-7 GT Limited Inch Up Mini Series Nr.6

released in May 1986

box top (13.7KB)

At 1/48 scale this is the smallest RX-7 kit I've encountered sofar. This is a cute yet accurate and well detailed little model, level of detail is almost as good as the 1/24 scale Fujimi kits.
The kit can either be built with an optional pull-back spring motor (included in the kit), or with a fully detailed interior.

IM-6 box edge for red model (5.3KB)

The kit is molded in either white, red or black (the color is indicated on the box edge, all parts have the same color) and comes with nicely tinted windows and rubber-like tires with a Pirelli P7 thread pattern.
No decals are provided, but a set of japanese license plates can be cut out of the side of the box lid.

box top (13.4KB) Over the years this kit was released in several different series, but as far as I know the contents of the box are always the same, although the Mini Tohge version comes with a set of generic sponsor decals.

Fujimi Savanna RX-7, Nr.AM-44

released in December 1986

box top (11.9KB) Here's a version of the 1/48 RX-7 FC that does contain new parts.
This kit comes with two new sprues, one containing a set of Lamborghini Uracco style wheels, the other sprue contains a 6 piece aerokit, consisting of a new front bumper with integrated spoiler, a new rear bumper with molded-in exhaust pipes, a pair of side skirts and a dual aerofoil rear wing.
The stock wheels, bumpers and rear wing are still included, all parts are molded in either red or white, the Lambo wheels are molded in white.
No decals are included, but a pair of japanese license plates is printed on the box edge.

Fujimi New Savanna RX-7, Inch Up Mini Series Nr.36

released in July 1988

box top (21.0KB) This kit contains the same 6-piece aerokit as the AM series kit, but only comes with the stock wheels.
All parts are molded in black, the clear parts are no longer tinted.
A set of generic sponsor decals is included, a pair of japanese license plates is printed on the box edge.

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