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This page only lists relevant changes, I often tinker with content: rephrasing text, adding a link, etc.
Adding all of those minor changes here would clutter up the list too much but can be found on a separate page.

For the latest RX-7 (and RX-8) model kit news, check out my Hot News page (which often gets updated without it being mentioned here).

Changes to my Cy Girl pages are listed on a separate change log.

3 jun 2023
More updates to Rosso Corporation Info page: added a new G-P series model with box image, added edges to some G-P box images.
3 jun 2023
Added latest Hasegawa Mazda Rx-7 1980 GT release to page.
28 may 2023
Updates to Rosso Corporation Info page: updated some boxart images, added a missing boxart image, updated info on R-GEAR series catalog numbers, added retail prices to model listings and tweaked some text.
21 may 2023
Major update to 'Scale Models International' Scale Drawings Index: moved 'Race and Sports Cars' to separate list and added 295 Model Cars Magazine plans with links to archived scans.
16 may 2023
Added latest Aoshima Mazdaspeed A-Spec FD3S RX-7 '99 release to page.
29 apr 2023
Added latest Hasegawa Mazda 767B 'NWB 1991 JSPC Test Car' release to page.
20 apr 2023
Added latest Aoshima 'Initial D' FC3S RX-7 'Ryosuke Takahashi' (Akina Confrontation) release to page.
18 mar 2023
Added latest Aoshima RX-7 FD VeilSide Combat I rerelease to page.
14 mar 2023
Linked new detail picture, made minor changes to text and added some box edges to box pictures on Rosso models info page.
11 jan 2023
Created new RX-7 model kits listed by type pages and linked these to Mazda RX-7 Miniatures Overview pages.
14 dec 2022
Added latest Aoshima RX-7 FD Initial D release to page.
8 dec 2022
Added the latest Aoshima prepainted 'Initial D' RX-7 FD kits to 'Aoshima Mazda RX-7 FD3S' page.
18 nov 2022
Changed color sample and model paint reference for Winning Blue 27B on Mazda RX-8 page and added note about fading.
31 oct 2022
Added the latest Aoshima prepainted 'Initial D' RX-7 FC kits to 'Aoshima Mazda RX-7 Savanna FC3S' page.
30 oct 2022
Added new build report page for 1/144 SBD-5 kit and linked it to On the Workbench and Revell 1/144 scale WW2 aircraft series pages.
17 oct 2022
Fixed W3C links containing deprecated 'referer' instead of URL on various pages in home, mazda, models and rx7kits directories.
7 sep 2022
Added page with all minor site changes and linked it to this page.
1 sep 2022
Added new page with 1/32 Mono RX-7 kits and added kits to RX-7 Miniature Models List page.
18 jul 2022
Added a new page with a list of my favorite books on RX-7, RX-8 and Rotary Engines.
22 jun 2022
Added more pictures, descriptions and paint codes to RX-8 reference pictures page.
21 jun 2022
Added a new page with RX-8 reference pictures.
18 jun 2022
Found a tiny picture of a pre-race test of all three Rx-7 race cars at Daytona in 1979 in my archives, so I added it to the 1979 Daytona racers page.
25 may 2022
Added a 767B picture to Mazda Race Car pictures and a link to Mazda 767B kits page.
16 may 2022
Additions to 'Scale Models International' Scale Drawings Index page.
13 may 2022
Linked Driving an Rx-7 page to About my Rx-7 page.
3 apr 2022
Added note about corrected decals to Hasegawa Mazda Rx-7 '1979 Daytona GTU Class Winner' page.
2 apr 2022
Added new Fujimi RX-7 boxart and marked the updates on the plastic kit list .
30 mar 2022
Added 1/72 OH-6D kit to On the Workbench page.
22 mar 2022
Added info on latest Aoshima RX-7 kit release to list and Aoshima FD kits page.
15 mar 2022
Added 1/144 Eurofighter kit to On the Workbench page.
3 mar 2022
Changes to main page; Split 'About' page into About my Rx-7 and About this site pages.
2 mar 2022
Added pictures to Mazda Race Car pictures and Mazda 767B kits pages.
28 feb 2022
Changed color code on RX-7 Color Overview page.
27 feb 2022
Added About this website page to main index page.
23 feb 2022
Added dedicated page for Mazda race car pictures; moved 26B engine pics to that page.
20 feb 2022
Added Cy Girl Action Figures section to Scale Modeling pages.
14 feb 2022
Added 26B engine pictures to RX-7 Engine pictures page.
12 feb 2022
Added this page and linked it on main index page; added favicon.
11 feb 2022
Notes about decals added to Hasegawa Mazda Rx-7 '1979 Daytona GTU Class Winner' page.
10 feb 2022
Added brief 'upcoming releases' list to RX-7 Kits Hotnews page; Added missing kit to Fujimi RX-7 FC, Inch Up page.
9 feb 2022
New additions to Mazda RX-7 Kit Features page.
8 feb 2022
Lists of Mazda race car kits and kits of other Mazda rotaties added.
7 feb 2022
Corrected color of Spirit-R shock dampers on Aoshima Mazda RX-7 FD kits page.
5-7 feb 2022
List of Mazda RX-7 kits added.
5 feb 2022
New additions to RX-7 interior pictures page.
4 feb 2022
Scale modeling info pages added.
3 feb 2022
Mazda RX-7 info added; extra pictures added to 2001 RZ, 2001 R Bathurst R and 2002 FD pages; new engines and engine bay pictures page added.
2 feb 2022
New start with this new domain: Index page added.

For completeness sake, the list of changes made to the old website can be found on this page .

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