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Added 295 car scale plans to 'Scale Models International' Scale Drawings Index page.

Added new RX-7 model kits listed by type pages.

Added new RX-7 Books page.

Added new RX-8 Pictures page.

Added new Projects page to Cy Girls pages.

Split 'About' page into About my Rx-7 and About this site.

Mazda 767B kits, added picture.

Mazda Race Car pictures, added 787B detail picture.

RX-7 Color Overview, added picture and new paint code.

All relevant changes made to this site are listed on the What's New page.

Erix7 at large

This is the new home for the website formerly located at erix7.home.xs4all.nl .
Much of the content has been updated, but the site is still all about Mazda Rx-7 and other scale models.

The RX-7

The RX-7 is Mazda's most successful rotary powered car to date.
In the Netherlands the RX-7 was sold between 1979 and 1996.
There were three generations of RX-7 models made.

Over the years many scale models were made of the Mazda RX-7.
I began collecting plastic scale model kits of the RX-7 back in the early 80ies and have listed and described all of these kits on this website.

Content available on this site:

About my Rx-7.

About this website.

Drawing of 1983 Rx-7 rear side view
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