Fujimi New Savanna RX-7, Inch Up Disk series

Kit Nr. ID-34, Green box

released in April 1986

box top (10KB) As far as I can tell, this is the original release of Fujimi's 2nd generation RX-7 model kit. The early green boxes come with electric motor and wheat bulbs for both head and tail lights included, later releases had these items deleted.
The green box comes with a right hand drive dash only and Advan HF type D tires.
The body is accurate, but the chassis is highly simplified to allow for the electric motor, presetable front wheel steering and for some overly wide rear wheels.
The interior details are very nice with even some separate knobs and switches.
The kit comes with a large number of parts that are just marked 'not used'. For instance there's a choice of three types of seats, lowered front suspension struts and a lot of generic bits to customize a car kit.
Of particular interest is the unmentioned option of Amemiya-style flush-fitting recessed head lights (parts G10, G11, B39, B40).
Body and interior parts are molded in white, chassis parts are molded in black. Wheels are satin plated.

Kit Nr. ID-34, Blue box

released in November 1986

box top (10KB) The second release of this kit has the sides of the box lid changed from green to blue.
Inside the box the electrical motor and bulbs have been replaced with some new parts: a left hand drive dashboard, a two-spoke Mazda steering wheel and an optional rear deck, which can be used to replace the rear window making the car look like it has a rear-mounted engine.
The tires are now Michelin TRX with a slightly oversized pattern.

Kit Nr. HC-86, Hi-So Car series

released in 1986

box top (10KB) This is a special version of the second release, it comes with all parts molded in white, white AMG wheels and a set of generic side molds plus strips of double sided adhesive tape.
These molds have to be cut to shape using patterns printed on the instruction sheet.
The box lid promises more than the contents deliver: no movable rear spoiler nor twin dual mufflers are included. The recessed head lights are included though, as are instructions for fitting these.
All new parts of the second release are included: the lefthand drive dash, the two-spoke steering wheel and the flat rear deck.
The decals are the same familiar ones that can be found in all ID-34 releases. The tires are Michelin TRX's.

Kit Nr. ID-34, Blue box, new style Fujimi mark

released in 1988

box top (10KB) The third and fourth releases of Fujimi's ID-34 kit only differ from the second in having the new style Fujimi mark on the sides of the box and having yet again a different type of tires, this time Pirelli P7.
This version was also re-boxed by Revell Europe and Testors.

Kit Nr. ID-29, White box

released in July 1997

box top (14KB) The fifth release of this kit has a white box and a new number, the contents are still similar to the third release, down to the Pirelli P7 tires and the decals.

Kit Nr. ID-29, White box

released in April 2003
rereleased in June 2013

box top (14KB) The sixth release of this kit has the same white box and catalog number, but the contents have changed slightly: the body is now the revised version from the Initial D kit (i.e. no engraved sunroof and different rubbing strips on the sides). This body is for an 1991 'Infinity IV' version with a single exhaust pipe on the lefthand side.
The B-parts now include an optional raised rear spoiler and the clear G-parts now include an optional revised tail light cluster with circular lights. Note that only the old style front bumper is included in this kit.
Body and interior parts are molded in white, chassis is molded in black, wheels are satin aluminum plated.
The decals, wheels and Pirelli P7 tires are still the same as in previous issues.

Kit Nr. ID-29, New White box

released in Mar 2014
rereleased in 2021

box top (15KB) The seventh release of this kit has a slightly revised white box and a new catalog number, the contents are again similar to the sixth release, down to the Pirelli P7 tires and the decals.

box top (24.4KB) The 2021 rerelease of this kit has a new Fujimi logo on the box and a new catalog number, the contents are once again similar to the sixth release, down to the Pirelli P7 tires and the decals.

Kit Nr. ID-SPOT, White box

released in August 2006
rereleased in July 2007

box top (18.2KB) 13B engine model (17.3KB) This limited issue of the ID-29 kit is identical to the sixth release, but this time a factory painted display model of a 1/24 scale 13B rotary engine is included.

Testors, Kit Nr. 375, Mazda RX-7

released in 1987

Testors RX-7 (4KB) This kit is a re-box of the Blue ID-34 kit with Pirelli P7 tires.

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