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About Eric's Rx-7 Website

My name is Eric and for over 36 years I am the happy owner of a Mazda Rx-7.
'Erix7' is 'Eric' merged with 'Rx-7'. In dutch 'Rx-7' sounds exactly the same as 'erix7' so that is how I named my website.

This website is all about my hobbies: my Mazda Rx-7, some general RX-7 info and building and collecting scale models.

This site used to be at ( and before I switched to the domain in February 2022.

A map of all pages of this site can be found on the page tree page.

'Rx-7' versus 'RX-7'

If I want to discern between a first generation model Rx-7 and a later version I write Rx-7 to denote a first generation model whilst for all later models (and for general use) I write RX-7, since that's how Mazda put it on the badges on the cars !

About this site, the small-print

This site only contains information about my hobbies, the information provided here may not always be complete or correct.
The site itself is kept as basic as possible, no bells-and-whistles, no complicated style-sheets or fixed-width page layouts, and very limited use of Javascript.
Javascript is only used for adding some extra features, the entire site can be viewed without having Javascript enabled.
I try my best to keep the HTML code on this site compliant to the HTML standard as described at .

Drawing of 1983 Rx-7 rear side view
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