More of My Favorite CG Pictures

Here are some more of my favorite Cy Girl pics.

Dinah and Sylvia
Dinah and Sylvia. Jan 12, 2014
I took this picture just for showing the difference between the skin tones, the radiant smile on Sylvia's face makes it one of my favorite pics.

When Floyd met Kim
When Floyd met Kim. Jun 10, 2007
I just love that bored look on her face.

Caroline. Mar 15, 2009
Beautiful face, lovely smile, lovely Girl.

Nina. Aug 18, 2012
Nina is another perfect example of a beautiful Play-line Barbie head without 'that vapid Barbie smile'.

Destiny and Floyd
Destiny and Floyd happy together. Sep 16, 2007

Jessica, Sylvia and Liz
Jessica, Sylvia and Liz. May 27, 2012
The B-Girls squad, always in for some fun.

Kim. Mar 4, 2009
Looking gorgeous, classy and a bit business-like all at the same time.

Vera. July 26, 2012
Posing like this, with a lovely look on her face and wearing a gorgeous sweater, Vera found a quick way to my heart.

Andrea sitting on bookshelf
Andrea. Jan 7, 2009
Andrea was the first to explore the new book cabinet: "how about this place ? Just clear out the books, add a window and we've got a great place to stay".
Actually this picture was the first of the series where she sits talking to and hugging her bear.

Emma. Sep 25, 2010
When I painted her face I wanted to give Emma a cute expression so I went for a puppy dog eyes look.

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