Yet More of My Favorite CG Pictures

Here are some more of my favorite Cy Girl pics.
The pictures on this page all really 'nail' the looks of a Girl.

Denyse. October 27, 2018
This was just meant as a test picture to check if the skin tone of head and body matched, but her smile looks so lovely that I painted out the background and put it on her page. The big curls lining her face will cast quite a shadow on her face so the main light source needs to be low and straight on her face.

Priscilla. November 12, 2014
To me the Fashion Fever face is the most beautiful Barbie sculpt and this picture of Priscilla shows exactly why.

Becky. July 6, 2018
'Millie' faces look best with some additional light coming from above, adding a bit of a highlight to the cheeks. I found a good balance for his picture, making her look just as lovely on the picture as she does in real life.

Julianne. September 8, 2018
Julianne is one of my most gorgeous looking Girls: red hair, lovely face and a figure to match. This picture captures her eye-catching looks perfectly.

Gwen. September 16, 2019
The smile on this 'Mackie' face can look somewhat enigmatic and restrained, but on this picture it is lovely and confident.

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