My Favorite Funny CG Pictures

Best part of the hobby is taking pictures of my Girls, some pictures end up looking funny, here are a few of my favorite funny pics.

Jessica working her phone
Jessica trying out her new phone. Sep 19, 2014
It often surprises me how well Jessie poses, her expression is usually exactly right for the situation.

Daisy looking up Daisy looking down
Daisy. April 22, 2018
These pictures were taken to show the range of her modified neck joint.
The pictures by themselves are just cute, put them in sequence and it is as if she watches something dropping down and asks 'did that hurt ?'.

Miyako. Mar 16, 2009
After I took this picture of Miyako, I noticed that she is pointing at her boots as if she seems to say 'Kiss my boots', to which my reply would be 'sorry, I'm not into that', a bit like the 'rip my stocking'-scene in the movie 'Lost in Translation'.

Anne. Dec 18, 2010
A couple of the Girls in my main display cabinet had toppled over, including Anne who was lying with her head towards the glass, revealing some breathtaking cleavage.
After I picked her up and put her on my desk I decided to take this picture.

Gwen and Kim
Gwen and Kim. September 16, 2019
With this picture I wanted to demonstrate that, despite her Barbie head, Gwen could blend right in with the Cy Girls. Judging by the look on her face, Kim is not convinced though.

Cutey Honey
Cutey Honey. May 14, 2014
"No !!
I will not use my sword to open your letters for you !".

MtM Skateboarder
Barbie Made to Move Skateboarder. Nov 8, 2019

She kept rolling out of frame, so I tried to make the picture a funny one.

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