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Barbie Zendaya

This is one of those Barbies that I think is just perfect: her lovely face, her long braided hair and her looks, it all makes her one truly unique and beautiful Girl.
All that I might consider changing about her would be improving the articulation of her body by changing her tall body for a Made-to-Move body, provided I could find a tall Made-to-Move body with the right skintone.

She was originally released in the second wave of 2019 Fashionistas and was continued into the 2020 lineup, which was fortunate for me as she proved quite hard to find.
Her box has a tiny sticker reading ´02-2020´ on the back, so it appears that she is from a recent batch.

As with most recent playline Barbies, her face-up is printed. It looks like by now Mattel has gotten the hang of printing faces as her face-up looks really well done, much better than earlier Fashionistas where you could spot individual printed dots with the naked eye.
With Zendaya the white of her eyes and teeth and the color of her eyebrows and lips is completely smooth, even when looking through a magnifying glass. When magnified only the dithering pattern in the brown of her eyes and at the pointy ends of the white areas gives away the fact that the face-up was printed.
On top of that, her eyes and mouth are perfectly aligned with the molded-in features of the face.

Barbie Zendaya
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body2019 'Fashionistas #123' Barbie (FXL56 tall)
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On her flat-heeled boots she stands a full 31cm tall, making her the tallest Girl in my collection. Zendaya is 10mm taller than Kassie, who upto now had been my tallest Girl.

I named her Zendaya because the name means 'to give thanks' and I sure am grateful for finding her.

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Barbie Zendaya Kass and Zendaya

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