1/6 Scale ZC bodied B-Girl

Initial picture of Kassandra Kass is another one of my B-Girls: an action figure body that I fitted with a lovely Barbie head. I got the Barbie head loose off eBay.
The face-up and the blonde streaks in her hair suggest to me that this particular head originates from a 2016 'Glam Vacation Teresa' (DGY76) doll.
The body is a ZC/Walking Paradise body, which is basically a ZC Eve body with a smaller chest, a different head and new feet with high heeled pumps attached.

For some time I had this ZC/Walking Paradise "Queeny" figure with a broken hip joint in my spares box. After I repaired the hip joint, I noticed that none of my spare heads matched the skin tone of the body and as I did not like the original Queeny head, I kept the WP body in storage.
When I checked skin tones of some of my recently acquired Barbie heads, I noticed that this one Barbie head matched the skin tone of the WP figure fairly well.
So Kass is actually both a B-Girl and another one of my Spares-box Sweethearts.

One thing struck me about this Kassandra face sculpt: it reminds me of singer Beyoncé, the blond streaks in her hair add to the likeness. If you ask me she bears a closer resemblance to Beyoncé than any of the celebrity dolls that are supposed to look like her !
Being a fairly recent design (2014) the head is a bit larger than most earlier Barbie heads, but still credibly sized for a 1/6 scale doll.

The top of the body including the neck of ZC figures has a soft vinyl cover, the edge of the neck is round and tapered and since I use a loose ZC bodice to photograph loose heads, I figured the Barbie head would fit nicely on the neck. So I used a piece of vinyl tubing to adapt the neck post to the wider neck hole of the head but when I fitted the head it could not look down or even straight ahead.
This problem was caused by the shape of the neck and the fact that the neck post is located slightly behind the center of the vinyl neck cover. I replaced the vinyl tubing with a strip of stiff plastic (polypropylene) that was fitted in a way similar to a flexible disc adapter. I put the head over the adapter with the strip located sideways so only the sides of the head are held down firmly, allowing the head to tilt more.

WP feet with pumps I ended up not using the original Walking Paradise feet with attached high heeled pumps: the pumps were warped and I did not manage to straighten them. On top of that the skin tone of the feet does not really match that of the body (although the mismatch is not that obvious on the picture).


For now I made her a sleeveless leotard and gave her black shiny leggings and a pair of white sneakers to wear.
I plan to make her a skirt and a cropped jacket.

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Member SinceOct 19th 2019
bodyZC/Walking Paradise "Queeny", tan
head2016 Barbie Glam Vacation Teresa DGY76
sculpt codeCLN63 ('Crystal/Kassandra' face sculpt ©2014)
remarksrepaired broken hip joint
added adapter to neck post

Kassandra wearing black leggings

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