1/6 Scale TTL bodied B-Girl

Bianca Bianca is another one of my B-Girls, an action figure body that I fitted with a lovely Barbie head.
Once again I got the Barbie head as a loose item off eBay.
This head was meant to be fitted to a tall bodied 2016 Barbie Fashionistas nr.69 'Blue Beauty' (DYY99) doll and has the 2014 'Teresa/Neysa' face sculpt.

I picked a TTL 1.0A 'regular bust' body that I had repaired before, so that also makes her 'Spares-box Sweetheart'.
To improve the looks of the body I made a number of modifications.
Then I rounded off the edge of the neck and buffed all sanded areas to seal the surface of the ABS plastic.
Finally I added an adapter out of vinyl tubing and fitted the head to the body.

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Member SinceMar 15th 2021
bodyTTL L1.0A (Regular Bust)
head2016 Barbie Fashionistas 'Blue Beauty' DYY99
sculpt codePY249-1 ('Teresa/Neysa' face sculpt © 2014)
remarksrepaired chest joint
modified crotch area
trimmed elbow hinges
sanded down ribcage edges
edge of neck rounded for Barbie head

For now I dressed her all in white as darker or brighter colored clothes will make her pale skin tone look even more pale.

More pictures (click for larger version)
Bianca Bianca Bianca Bianca Bianca

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