1/6 Scale customized Ladies Mission bodied B-Girl

LM Penny Penny is another one of my B-Girls, an action figure body that I fitted with a lovely Barbie head.
Once again I bought the Barbie head as a loose item off eBay.
This head was meant to be fitted to a tall bodied 2017 Barbie Fashionistas nr.79 'Wear Your Heart' (FJF44) doll and has the original 1990 Teresa face sculpt. Teresa is among the oldest Barbie face designs that are still being produced, a true classic beauty.

The skin tone of this recent Teresa head is a bit more rosy than most other heads so I needed to find a matching body, it turned out to match the skintone of Ladies Mission v2 and Slim bodies fairly well.
I picked a Slim Ladies Mission body and decided to replace the waist section with one of a Barbie body.

The neck of the Slim LM body is slim and rather tall, a Barbie head will fit without modifications but it will sit rather high and a gap will show when the head gets tilted, so I rounded off the edge of the neck, this made the head sit 1mm lower on the neck. After that I used a piece of vinyl tubing to adapt the neck post to the wider neck hole of the head.

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Member SinceMay 27th 2020
bodyLM Slim body, customized
head2017 Barbie Fashionistas FJF44
sculpt code25308 ('Teresa' face sculpt ©1990)
remarksBarbie waist fitted to body
neck adapted to fit head
firmed up ankles

Penny with fimed-up ankles Her ankles turned out to be rather floppy so I made them firmer using cardboard strips to stop her from losing her balance.

I wanted her to show off that lovely belly so for now I dressed her in a somewhat undersized Azone sweater and made her a mini skirt.

I named her Penny (short for 'Penelope', but also from the british saying 'in for a penny, in for a pound' because of the effort it took to get the LM body modification finished) .

LM Penny
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