Cy Girl - rerooting hair using an anchor thread

For my second attempt at rerooting, I had another look at the various rooting methods and decided to use an anchor thread, adapting the 'Needle and Thread' technique described on the site.
Instead of upholstery thread I picked a rather thick but fluffy (loosely spun) type of thread (probably meant for embroidery), do make sure the thread is hard to break.
Cheap dental floss wire (without wax) also works great.

determining the length of the thread

The length of the original spiral rooting pattern plus the parting line on a CG head is about 40-50cm (16-20in), so for a full reroot use some 60cm (24in) of thread: you want at least 10cm (4in) excess length.
If you just want to redo the parting line, about 15cm (6in) of thread will do.

technique described

I started by inserting two plugs of hair next to each other at the start of the pattern (over the righthand ear). I threaded the loop of the first plug through the loop of the second plug, then firmly tied one end of the thread to both loops of the two plugs of hair and pulled the knot into the head (I used two loops, one threaded through the other, so one keeps the other from getting pulled back into the head).
Then using a split wire needle, inserting the folded tip into a hole in the head and out of the neck hole, I picked up the thread, pulled it back until I had pulled a small loop out of the head, then I slid off the needle, inserted a plug of hair into the loop and pulled back the thread.
First the loop pulled back into the head, then the thread slid through the loop of the hair plug. I did not pull the new plug of hair tight yet.
Repeating the above, I inserted the second plug of hair after which I pulled the first plug tight.

The fluffy thread proved to offer some benefits: first of all once a plug gets pulled tight it tangles into the thread, locking it quite firmly. Secondly the thread won't slide through the tight end of the eye of the needle so you can avoid pulling a part of the thread with hairs tangled into it through the hole in the head.

I followed the original spiralling rooting pattern counter-clockwise.
interlocked plugs of hair Then I rooted the parting line from the back of the head towards the forehead in a saw-tooth pattern, rather than one row at a time.
Finally I used a pair of hair plugs inserted in a bald spot on the back of the head to tie the end of the thread to and pull it tight.

I did not take pictures of the procedure but hope the diagrams make the steps clear:

Tools and materials needed:

Step 0

insert first plug of hair

insert second plug of hair

First insert two plugs of folded hair into the head, let each loop stick out of the neck hole and thread one loop through the other.

Note: if you want to follow the original rooting pattern on a CG head, then better start near the right-hand ear as that is where the original pattern usually starts.
tie thread to both plugs

pull plugs tight

ready to root

Then firmly tie the thread to the two loops and pull the knot into the head.

Step 1

insert needle

open eye and insert thread

pull needle back
Insert the split wire needle into a hole in the head and make the tip come out of the neck hole, then carefully widen the eye a bit and insert the thread.
Slide at least 7.5cm (3 inch) of thread through the eye so the end of the thread won't disappear into the head during the next steps.

Step 2

pull small loop out of head

remove needle from loop
Pull the needle back and pull a small loop of thread through the hole, then slide the needle off.

Step 3

insert plug of hair into loop

pull thread back

keep pulling thread until it is tight

Thread a plug of hair through the loop and pull the thread back until the hair gets pulled into the head.
Then pull the thread some more until it is tight again.
Gently pull the previously inserted plugs of hair to make sure the thread lies tightly against the inside of the head.
reroot animation
Repeat Steps 1 to 3 until the head is completely rooted.

interlocked plugs of hair Then root the parting line from the back of the head towards the forehead in a saw-tooth pattern.

Finally pick a bald spot on the side of the head opposite to where the final plugs were inserted (the distance is needed to be able to pull the thread tight) use a needle to poke two small holes in the bald spot and insert two folded plugs of hair in the same way as in Step 0.

Tie the end of the thread to these loops of hair, cut off any excess thread and pull the knot into the head.

On the left is an animated GIF of all steps.

That's all !

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