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Barbie Lily

This 2021 Fashionistas Barbie came in a zipper pouch instead of a sealed box.
Someone must have bought her, removed the tack that sealed the zipper, took her dress, boots and handbag, put her in a tube dress, put a new tack through the zipper and returned her to the shop, where she ended up amongst the discounted toys.
I did not like the dress she originally came with anyway: its straight lines make her look bigger than she is and its clear pvc shoulder straps might melt the vitiligo marks on her shoulders over time.
The colors of the tube dress she was wearing made a nice match with her green eyes, but the dress was fitting rather tight around her hips. However her face looks so lovely that I took her home anyway.

She is my first Curvy bodied Barbie and I wondered how well she would fit in amongst the B-Girls, actually she blends right in.
Her dark tan skin tone and the vitiligo marks on her face, arms and upper body make that I do not plan to put her lovely head on a different body.

Her face sculpt is another variation on the New Summer face: dark tan, green eyes and a lovely smile.
Her head looks slightly wider than the heads of Fleur and Dahlia, my other New Summer faced Girls.
Lily in her new dress

I did get her a pair of proper Barbie boots and made her a new tube dress that fits her lovely curves a bit better.

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Member SinceSep 13th 2021
body2021 'Fashionistas #171' Barbie (GRB62)
head2011 Summer
sculpt codeX2276 ('New Summer' face sculpt ©2011)

Lily in her tube dress

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Barbie Lily Denyse, Jessica, Lily and Joy
Barbie Lily, portrait Barbie Lily, portrait

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