1/6 Scale custom bodied Barbie

Kayla has yet to be completed, that is why she is not yet listed on the My Girls page.
I ran into problems when fitting her body with new lower legs.
Currently I am preparing a replacement body for her and put Tia on the old body.
Sofar all pictures of Kayla show her on her old body.

Kayla without lower legs Kayla is a 'cloned' Chinese articulated Barbie body that I fitted with a lovely Barbie head.
Once again I bought the Barbie head as a loose item off eBay.
This head was meant to be fitted to a tall bodied 2016 Barbie Fashionistas nr.44 'Leather and Ruffles' (DTF07) doll and has the 2000 'Kayla/Lea' face sculpt.
The expression on the face seems to change with the viewing angle, viewed straight on her expression is a bit 'tough', tilt her head down slightly and she looks much more lovely. In any case it is a beautiful face.

I did not have an action figure body that matched the shade of tan of this head, fortunately the skin tone of the original body for Denyse provided a decent match.
The body is articulated and looks a lot like the old articulated Barbie Fashionistas body-with-movable-torso.
I decided to modify the body to replace the fixed neck post with a ball-jointed one and replace its tiny arched feet.
The body and the replacement parts came from my spares box, making her another 'Spares-box Sweetheart'.

For now I made her a cropped white top and gave her some spare pants from a BBI Perfect Body figure.
cropped white top

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Member SinceMay 11, 2022
bodyCustom, based on cloned Barbie Fashionistas body
head2016 Barbie Fashionistas DTF07
sculpt codeB5811 ('Kayla/Lea' face sculpt ©2000)
remarksModified neck
repaired left leg
DIY feet

More pictures (click for larger version)
Kayla, initial portrait Kayla with stump boots, sitting Kayla with stump boots Kayla with stump boots

replacing a leg with a broken knee

peg leg fakie

Another tan cloned Barbie body, similar to the one I initially used for Kayla.
I got this body from Saffy who had repaired a broken left knee before.
The repair was done well but repeated glueing had caused the repaired leg to grow longer. Since I had the pair of legs I cut off from the body for Kayla in my spares box, I decided to replace the left knee and lower leg.

Knee joint taken apart, exposing the metal pin inside that was joining the broken halves of the knee pivot peg.
The new replacement leg is at the top of the picture.
The new leg has a slightly darker skin tone than the body has but I do not mind that.
repaired knee disassembled
I carefully measured the length of the right leg and of the front, rear and sides of the remainder of the upper part of the replacement leg.
Then I marked a join line on the leg, indicating what part of the upper leg needs to be removed.
join line marked
I cut the old leg just below the marked line to make sure I did not cut off too much.
After cutting I carefully trimmed the leg and repeatedly checked where to trim to make the new leg fit seamlessly.
old knee cut off
After trimming I cut a ring off of the old knee and used pieces of this ring to add reinforcement strips to the insides of the leg along the join line.
The strips will also help with aligning the parts.
adding reinforcement strips
After verifying that the new leg fitted perfectly I attached the new leg using cyanoacrylate glue.new leg attached
I also used drops of CA glue to fill some shrink marks on the top of the thighs.filled shrink marks
After letting the CA cure for a few days I sanded the join lines and the filled shrink marks smooth.new leg sanded smooth

I am still looking into replacing the feet with larger flat feet, preferably with articulated ankles, I plan to experiment on the left over spare legs before cutting up the legs on the body.

fitting a ball jointed neck and improving looks

I shortened the neck and added a neck joint, similar to what I did before.
I planned to shorten the neck a bit more but only 0.5mm more could be taken out before running out of room for the ball joint assembly.
parts of neck joint
There were some seams between the body parts, to fill those I heated up a left-over bit of the neck, once soft I stretched it into a thin strip.heat-stretched strip of body plastic
I then used this strip to fill the seams using Tamiya Extra Thin cement to glue the strip in place. Once cured I sanded the seams smooth.filling gap using thin strip of body plastic

Finally I plan to touch up the pink-ish wrist joints and elbow joints with some tan paint.
Polly-S PF-41 "Earth Yellow" is a good match for this skin tone but gets scratched off easily.

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