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Barbie Ava

This Barbie Fashionistas is a 2020 release. A local shop had some recent Fashionistas discounted including some copies of this lovely doll.
As usual I picked the one with the most appealing expression on her face, this particular face is a bit less wide-eyed than her sisters and to me her expression looks as if she has got something interesting to say.

This is another one of those Barbies that I think is just perfect, all that I might consider changing about her would be improving the articulation of her body by changing her body for a Made-to-Move body, although the seams of the joints would spoil her beautiful looks a bit.

Her face sculpt is new for 2020 and was first used for this particular doll, so the code on the back of her head is the same as the catalog number on her box: GRB52.
Some Barbie collectors think her face looks 'Asian' but if you ask me she could just as well be French or Italian.
This is one of the loveliest Barbie face sculpts I have seen sofar and the big brown eyes and lovely smile of this particular face-up really draw your attention.

Barbie Ava
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body2020 'Fashionistas #160' Barbie (GRB52)
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Barbie Ava

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