1/144 Harrier models

Okay, just one for now, the rest is still on the workbench.

Crown/Revell Harrier GR.3

Harrier GR.3 frontal view (5.6kB) This is an old Crown/Revell kit after a lot of conversion work.
The funny thing is, the Crown kit basically looks like a Harrier (but that's only because a Harrier looks very different from any other aircraft !) however if you look closer it has a lot of flaws.
Since I was converting the kit anyway, I added the nose extension (from sprue), added a pair of Aden gun pods (more sprue, some plasticcard and some filler) and the drop tanks (converted belly tanks from Crown/Revell F-16 kits, later reissued by Minicraft).

Harrier GR.3 port side view (26.6kB)

Apart from that, make sure you have plenty of fresh filler and be prepared for some repeated wet-sanding sessions.

Modifications to the basic shape (front to rear):

Harrier GR.3 bird eye view (26.6kB) Details added (front to rear):

Harrier GR.3 port side view (24.5kB) Roundels and squadron markings were taken from the decal sheet in the Revell kit.
The unit markings for 233 OCU are slightly oversize but looked too nice not to use.
Serial numbers were taken from a ModelArt set (nr. 144-002 "RAF serial nrs").
All warning triangles and other service markings were hand painted.

Harrier GR.3 top side view (44.8kB) Harrier GR.3 underside view (33.8kB) Harrier GR.3 side view (20.6kB)

Date finished: August 24, 1990.


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