Aircraft Model Kits

Here's a couple of pictures of my favourite aircraft models.
Most of these pictures were made with a digital camera. The oldest ones were made with a simple camera with a limited zoom capability so some of my models proved a bit too small for a clear and sharp picture, but most pictures capture the looks of the models well enough.

Recently I bought a new Nikon Coolpix and I'm now gradually replacing the old pics by new ones.
I feel I'm still at the steep end of the learning curve wrt taking pictures though (smilie) .
Anyway, see for yourself.
Each thumbnail picture loads a page with a description of the model(s) and one or more pictures.

1/72 Scale
I-16 Ishka (8.7kB)
Polikarpov I-16 type 17
F-16N (5.6kB)
F-16N Adversary
Alpha Jet (13.7kB)
Alpha Jet
Canberra B(I)8 (6.5kB)
Canberra B(I)8
1/144 Scale
A-10 (11.2kB)
YF-16 (7.8kB)
Jet Prototypes
32nd TFS (7.2kB)
32nd TFS Aircraft
Jaguar family (6.3kB)
F-21 Kfir (13.9kB)
Harrier jet (12.1kB)
Harrier jets
Tornado Jet (6.4kB)
Tornado IDS
tow tractor (7.5kB)
Tow Tractor
WW2 US Navy kits (6.9kB)
WW2 US Navy Aircraft
WW2 kits (8.3kB)
WW2 Aircraft
B-25 KNIL (8.5kB)
MiG-27 Almost Right (4.2kB)
the 'Almost Right' department

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