1/6 Scale TTL bodied B-Girl

Dinah waiting for me to finish her costume A while ago I received a loose Barbie Black Canary head as a surprise gift.
The Black Canary head is a beautiful blue-gray eyed, pale skinned Ana/Lara sculpt with long wavy strawberry blonde hair.

The skin tone of the Barbie head is a good match for the skin tone of TTL L1.0 bodies. As Black Canary is a curvy comic book character I picked a large bust TTL L1.0B body, performed a crotch mod, trimmed the top of the thighs, rounded off the edge of the neck added an adapter disc which I later replaced with an adapter out of vinyl tubing and fitted the head to the body.

After looking up some background info on the Black Canary comic book character (I found the Canary Noir site particularly useful), I decided to do my own take on Dinah Laurel Lance a.k.a. 'Black Canary', making her a costume based on the 70ies version, rather than the 80ies version of the Barbie doll.

The costume consists of a pair of tall black boots with large cuffs, black fishnet stockings, a cropped black leather jacket with three-quarter length sleeves, a strapless black leather body suit, black gloves and a choker with a golden amulet.
I also added a pair of Triad skintone stockings.
I started off by making the boots, based on Triad 'Riser' bootfeet.

ID picture




NameDinah Lance
Member SinceJun 30th 2010
bodyTTL L1.0B (Large Bust)
head2008 Barbie L9640 Black Canary
sculpt code20968 ('Ana/Lara' face sculpt © 1998)
remarksmodified crotch area
trimmed top of thighs
edge of neck rounded for Barbie head

Dinah and Sylvia
making Black Canary boot sleeves

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