1/6 Scale B-Girl

CG Helena Here is another former Ballerina Barbie, she's from the same series as Nina, I actually bought these two at the same time.
Her head is yet another lovely variation of the 'Summer' face sculpt that was also used for Sylvia and for Liz.

From some angles the shape of her face and her green eyes remind me a little bit of green-eyed Danish supermodel Helena Christensen so I named her Helena.

As with the others this Barbie doll also came with a basic body with rigid arms and legs (not even bendable knees) so I turned her into another of my B-Girls.
I started by carefully removing her lovely head. She has the same type of head as Liz with an additional sleeve inside the neck. Using the manicure tool I managed to lift the neck and the sleeve over the prongs on the Barbie neck post without a problem.
Her tan skintone prompted me to put her head on another CG v2 type B body.

Apart from the slightly oversized eyes and mouth, this head sculpt has a realistic shape and beautiful features.
Like most recent Barbie heads, this one also is slightly larger, but it does look great on a CG v2 body.
I left her hairdo with high pony tail unchanged as it emphasizes the beauty of her face.

I slightly modified the neck of the CG body.
After that I decided to try if an adapter made of a piece of vinyl tubing would fit inside the sleeve inside the base of the head. The tubing turned out to be fitting perfectly, proving that there is no need for making a custom adapter as I did for Liz.

CG Helena Her teal eye makeup prompted me to give her a bit of a seventies look, for now I settled for a white FemBasix sweater, a pleated Nouveau Toys tartan skirt and tall white boots.

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Member SinceMar 26th 2013
bodyCG v2 type B (cloned)
head2012 Barbie Ballerina W2922 Teresa
sculpt codeK8385 ('Summer' face sculpt ©2003)
remarksneck adapted to fit head
removed notches from wrist pegs

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