1/6 Scale B-Girl

2011 Beach Barbie Teresa CG Liz with DiD skateboard Another recent Barbie with a smile that captured my heart is this 2011 Beach Barbie Teresa, I came across her in the discounted toys isle of a local supermarket.
She caught my eye because she was the only one among a lot of Barbies who was looking up and into my eyes, instead of looking straight ahead.
It is funny that these slightly oversized Barbie head sculpts can be so attractive.

heads of Sylvia and Liz compared

The 2011 Teresa head sculpt differs from the one used for 2010 Hadley/Teresa which I used for Sylvia. However, the faces (eyes, nose, mouth and cheeks) of these two heads are identical and both heads have the same code on the back (K8385).

The 2011 Teresa doll itself comes with a basic body with rigid arms and legs (not even bendable knees) so I quickly decided that this beautiful head deserved to become one of my B-Girls.

Apart from the oversized eyes and mouth, this head sculpt has a realistic shape and beautiful features.
Like most recent Barbie heads, this one also is slightly larger, but it does look great on a CG v2B body.
I tied her hair in a pony tail to emphasize the beauty of her face.

I picked a CG v2B body, checked the movement of all joints, cleaned up the seams, slightly modified the neck and fitted an adapter for the head.

I ran out of bare hands (again), so I gave Liz a pair of hands with black fingerless gloves. The left hand was an old v1 hand so I modified it to fit a v1.5 wrist joint. I also cut the notches from the locking grooves of the hand pegs (see arrows in the picture below) to allow the wrists to rotate freely.
CG hands compared, arrows show notches

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Member SinceNov 30th 2011
bodyCG v2 type B
head2011 Beach Barbie T7186 Teresa
sculpt codeK8385 ('Summer' face sculpt ©2003)
remarksneck adapted to fit head
left hand converted to v1.5 wrist
FemBasix feet

CG Liz Her pony tail and the gloved hands prompted a sporty look, so I dressed her in a white hooded sweater and a pair of black pleather Yamato jeans.
At first I put her in some black-and-white shoes, the shoes are a bit large so I used a pair of FemBasix feet which are slightly larger than the bare feet that came with the body. Some time later I found her a pair of white and gray sneakers.

CG Liz with DiD skateboard

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Liz Liz Liz Liz with DiD skateboard Valentines Day cards

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