Renwal/Revell Visible Rotary Engine 1/3rd Scale

This big Wankel engine model is as much a construction kit as it is an instructional model, as it is designed to accurately demostrate how the Wankel engine operates.
The transparent housing is hinged to reveal the moving parts inside the engine.
The model is powered by an electric motor and spark plugs are fitted with tiny lightbulbs that flash when the spark plug is fired.
The engine does not depict a Mazda rotary, but rather the NSU KKM 512 as it was fitted to the famous NSU Ro-80 (thanks Jaap !).

Renwal, The Visible Wankel (kit nr. 811)

box top (19KB) The original release of this kit by Renwal. Renwal included a booklet with the model explaining how the rotary engine works.

Revell, Visible Wankel Engine (kit nr. 913)

box top (15.8kB) After Revell USA acquired the Renwal company, many of the Renwal kits were released again by Revell, including the magnificent Wankel Engine model kit.

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