Nitto Kagaku Mazda Cosmo Sport
1/24 scale

released in 1978

box top (11.4KB) This is the only 1/24 scale kit of an early short wheelbase Cosmo L10A that I know of.
It is an actual 1/24 scale kit, not to be confused with the 1/28 scale Nitto kits.
Emphasis is placed on the electric motor, chassis is simplified to allow for the electric motor and steerable front wheels and the interior floor is raised to make room for the batteries.

Body is molded in white, chassis and interior parts are molded in black and the parts tree with wheels, bumpers, rear view mirrors, headlights, door handles and even the rotary shaped Hadi Mazda badge for the nose is brightly chromed.
Clear parts include windows, front light covers, front indicator lenses and tail light lenses.
A set of generic rubber tires, a Mabuchi FA-13 motor and related hardware complete this kit.
A small set of decals with a simple instrument panel decal and some generic sponsor decals is included.

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