Nichimo Mazda Cosmo Sport '68-'72 L10B
1/20 scale

box top (16.7KB) This is a somewhat older kit, neatly presented in a very big box.
At 1/20 scale it is a bit bigger than its 1/24 sibling, but level of detail is about the same, in other words: very good.
The biggest difference between these kits is that this larger sized kit comes with opening doors, hood and trunk lid and full engine detail.
Nichimo found a way to hide an optional electric motor inside the miniature 10A rotary engine, however this results in a slightly oversized engine block. Batteries are neatly hidden in the trunk.

Body parts are molded in a greenish shade of white, the remaining parts are molded in black or brightly 'chrome' plated and a beautiful set of tires is included.
No decals are iprovided.

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