Fujimi Super Mechanics Series Savanna RX-7

As with all the kits in Fujimi's Super Mechanic series, emphasis is on the electrics: the model can be fitted with a rather big Mabuchi RE-26 motor and the recess in the floorpan will hold upto 3 AA batteries. With that much battery power you might as well put the optional wheat bulbs in head and tail lights too. The batteries claim most of the simplified floorpan and interior tub, although Fujimi supplies a rather nice looking steering wheel, a mediocre shift lever and a simple straight dashboard to dress up what's left of the interior.
These are simple kits, but accuracy of the body is quite good and the wheels are among the best 1st gen Rx-7 alloys in the business.

Kit SM-06, Mazda Savanna RX-7

released in July 1978

box top (33kB)

This kit represents the japanese Limited Edition version with optional striping adorning the bodywork and a Mach Green paint job. Fujimi even put a metallic-effect in the green plastic for the body parts.

Kit SM-10, Black Savanna RX-7

released in October 1978

box top (31kB) The same basic kit was also released as SM-10. The only differences are in the black body and a decal set with customizing options such as a 'Screaming Chicken' for the hood (similar to those painted on Pontiac Firebirds in those days).

Scale Craft Kit SC-2401, Mazda Rx-7 International

box top (16.4kB) This same Fujimi SM-06 kit was released by Californian Scale Craft as SC-2401.
This time the body is molded in red and no electrical parts are included.
The wheels are of a different (custom) pattern and the steering wheel is also a different two-spoke type, whilst the rear view mirrors are mounted on the doors instead of the front fenders.
I haven't got a clue what the 'International' refers to, as there is only a righthand drive dashboard included.

Scale Craft Kit SC-2402, Mazda Rx-7 International

box top (12.7kB) This is the Scale Craft release of the Fujimi SM-10 Black Savanna RX-7 kit.
Body and all parts are molded in black and no electrical parts are included.
The parts are identical to the ones in the SC-2401 kit listed above, so a set of custom wheels, a two-spoke steering wheel, door mounted rear view mirrors and only a righthand drive dashboard are included.
The decal set differs from the Fujimi SM-10 kit, a 'Screaming Chicken' decal is included along with door numbers '2' and some more customizing decals.

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