ARII Savanna RX-7 Limited

Old but well detailed kit designed by ARII, not to be confused with the former LS kit that also ended up in the ARII collection. This kit was released in three versions in the "RX-7 Savanna Series": as 'RX-7 GT', as 'RX-7 Limited' and as 'RX-7 Racing'.
After 1980 the AR-997 release of the 'Savanna RX-7 Limited' kit was discontinued.

Savanna RX-7 Limited, AR-997

released in 1978

box top (29.4kB)

The kit can be fitted with a Mabuchi FA130 electric motor and with light bulbs for the headlights, neither of which are included although wires, switches and metal fittings are included in the kit.
The headlights come with separate lids and a simple mechanism for raising or lowering the lights, the headlight bodies are a bit too small to look convincing though.
The windows are all on a single piece from windshield to rear hatch, the door windows are 'open' (i.e. not included).
The cabin interior includes a great looking dash (righthand drive only) with shifter, steering column, steering wheel, center console with handbrake, a set of 4 pedals, separate door panels, seats with folding seatbacks and rear seats.
The optional electric motor and batteries can hidden below the slightly raised rear seats and luggage cover.
Wheels are an accurate representation of the familiar factory 13in alloys, as shown on the box art.
Floorpan is flat with raised lines indicating details such as engine, exhaust pipe and suspension.
Body is molded in green, wheels, license plates, tailights, front indicators, exhaust tip and rear view mirror are satin plated, all other parts are molded in black. Tires are rubber-like and have Michelin XWX legends (on one side and Goodyear Racing legends on the other) and authentic Michelin XWX thread pattern.
A nice set of decals is included with authentic 'Savanna', 'Limited' and 'GT' badges and blue/black striping with 'RX-7' legends, 'Savanna RX-7' showroom plates and japanese license plates, japanese road tax stickers and a set of generic sponsor decals.

Savanna RX-7 Limited, AR-122C

released in 1982

box top (24.1kB) In 1982 the model was released again in the "Specialty Car Series" as 'Savanna RX-7 Limited' with a new catalog number, new wheels, wider tires and different box art.
In 1983 the Savanna RX-7 kit was discontinued.

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