December 15, 1998

The New Mazda RX-7 Powered by 280 PS Rotary Engine
- a pure sports car improved its "Fun to Drive" -

Mazda Motor Corporation today announced the long-awaited arrival of the new RX-7. Mazda's modern version of a pure sports car will be available beginning January 21 next year through Mazda Enfini dealers throughout Japan.

The RX-7 has a legendary tradition for offering driving enthusiasts the greatest "fun to drive" character. Building on that reputation, the new RX-7 turns heads with its powerful, unique exterior, and Mazda's compact, lightweight, and high-powered rotary engine.

The main features of the new RX-7 are:

.1) Enhanced turbocharger efficiency and cooling performance that afford increased maximum engine power of 280PS (JIS net) for both the Type RS and Type R. models
-Higher engine power and the new RX-7's light weight achieve a power-to-weight ratio of 4.57 kg/PS for the Type RS model.

.2) Improved handling stability and ride comfort, fine-tuning the suspension and tires make the ride smoother and more enjoyable under a broader range of conditions, from sport cruising to city driving.

.3) Improved vehicle aerodynamics for a more aggressive.
-Design changes to the front bumper as well as a new functional large rear spoiler.

Additionally, new safety features, including a SRS(*) airbag, is standard not just on the driver's side, but also on the passenger side of all RX-7 models.

Despite the enhanced driving performance and new equipment, the price for the 280 PS top-of the line models barely increases. The 5-speed manual transmission, type RB, with a maximum 265PS engine output costs 2,898,000 yen (one price nationwide), making the new RX-7 more affordable than ever.

The monthly sales target is 500 units.

(*) SRS: Supplemental Restraint System

1999 RX-7 RS



Enhanced turbocharger efficiency and cooling performance due to increased air-intake allows the new RX-7 to achieve a maximum output of 280 PS/6,500 rpm (Type RS, Type R) increased engine power combined with the light weight of the type R model realizes a power-to-weight ratio of 4.5 kg/PS.

Along with greater output at high engine speeds and an extended top end, the torque at medium engine speeds has been increased for better acceleration. Specific changes that have improved engine performance include:

*The use of abradable seals and increased air flow provided by an ultra-high-flow turbine achieves a turbocharger pressure approximately 1.2 times previous models.
*Modifications to the internal structure of the main silencer have reduced exhaust pressure, contributing to lower resistance.
*In addition to increasing the aperture surface area of the air-intake, including the radiator and intercooler.
*The air cleaner uses a separate air duct that allows air to pass over the vehicle for more efficient cooling.


To maximize driving performance, especially maneuverability, the suspension and tires have also been fine-tuned. As a result, the new RX-7 provides an even greater fun to drive experience with its stable handling and a high-quality ride under a wider variety of driving conditions.

(1) Suspension

*Type RB uses dampers with normal specifications, while those on the type R feature stiffer specifications. The Type RS adopted single-cylinder dampers jointly developed with Bilstein of Germany.
*Modifications to the internal structure of the main silencer have reduced exhaust pressure, contributing to lower resistance.
*The spring ratio of the front stabilizer has been increased for quicker response and less initial roll.

(2) Steering

*The steering wheel, jointly developed with NARDI, is small, 370 mm in outer diameter, yet contains an airbag, by locating the air bag inflator in the center of the steering column, the point of inertia has been reduced, making steering feel more natural and comfortable.

(3) Brakes and Tires

*The aperture surface area of the air-intake for front brake cooling has been increased, improving brake cooling capability.
*The type RS and type R models feature new compound tires offering equally high performance on both wet and dry roads.
*The tread pattern on the type RB tires equipped with an automatic transmission has been modified for better roadholding and diminished road noise

A newly designed front bumper and a functional large rear spoiler contribute to the better aerodynamic features of the new RX-7 as well as a smarter, more forceful look.

(1) Exterior

*The newly designed front bumper incorporates a pentagon-shaped air-intake based on Mazda's new "Contrast in Harmony" design theme and enlarges the aperture surface area.
*Newly designed, larger front combination lamps and fog lamps offer better illumination.
*On both the type RS and type R models, the large, variable rear spoiler allows the effects to be adjusted according to driving conditions.
*Two new body colors are now available:
innocent blue mica (bright blue) and highlight silver metallic (bright silver)

(2) Interior

*The tachometer needles on models equipped with the 5-speed manual transmission start from the six o'clock position.
*A boost meter has been added to the instrument panel.
*Sporty, highly textured fabric covers the seats in the type RB and type R models.


*In addition to the driver's side SRS airbag, a passenger's side SRS airbag is now provided as standard equipment in all models.

The New Lineup
The stirring new lineup consists of three model types: the RS, R and RB. A 5-speed manual transmission (5MT) is available for all models, while an electronically controlled, 4-speed automatic transmission (4AT) is exclusive to the type RB model. Type RS and type R models are powered by 280PS engines, while the 5MT model type RB features a 265PS engine. The 4AT model type RB is equipped with a 255PS engine.

Moreover, the 5MT model type RB offers an optional S package that provides all the features of the type R, including a variable large rear spoiler and front fog lamps.

Major Specifications and Features

.. Type RS Type R Type RB
S Package ..
Transmission 5MT 4AT
Engine Type 13B-REW inline, water-cooled 2-rotor rotary engine
Max. power (JIS net) PS/rpm 280/6,500 265/6,500 255/6,500
Max. torque (JIS net) kg-m/rpm 32.0/5,000 30.0/5,000 30.0/5,000
Dampers Bilstein Hard Standard
Tires 235/45ZR17 255/40ZR17 .. .. .. ..
225/50ZR16 .. .. ..
225/50R16 92V .. .. ..
Driver and passenger side
SRS airbags
Other Variable, large rear spoiler with wicker .. ..
Engine oil cooler Twin Single

Suggested retail prices (excluding consumption tax)

(In thousand yen)
.. Max. power (JIS net) Transmission Nationwide one price
Type RS .. 280PS.. 5MT 3,778
Type R .. 3,470
Type RB .. 265PS 2,898
255PS 4AT 2,998
S Package 265PS 5MT 3,128



*Vehicles equipped with cold climate specifications are priced 12,000 yen higher than the prices shown above.
**Indicates models with photograph included in this press release.