Imai Savanna RX-7 street versions

Apart from the simple but accurate GT Racer kit, Imai also released several street versions of the same patterns.
IMAI went bankrupt in February 2002, Aoshima acquired most of the IMAI tooling.

Savanna RX-7 Black Special J's Sports

released in September 1999

box top (14KB) The main differences between the GT Racer and this kit are new decals (silver 'Mazda' and RX-7 symbols), 'gold' plated 'Speed Star Mk.III' racing wheels and a body molded in black instead of white.
As with the recent Super Silhouette Series release, no electric motor is included.

J's Sports Savanna RX-7 Maziora

released in October 2001

box top (19.1kB) Same kit as the Black Special listed above, but this time the body is molded in a type of plastic that changes color with the angle of view (similar to the effects of prismatic 'flip-flop' paints). The color flips from green to purple. Note that the body parts in this kit are not painted !
Unlike the Aoshima RX-7 FD Maziora model, there are hardly any mold lines on the Imai body so all you need to do to further enhance the effect is paint the inside of the body black.
The clear parts are tinted in a very dark smoke color, the Speed Star wheels are brightly 'chrome' plated and a set of decals with Maziora logos is included.

Savanna RX-7 1980

box top (10kB) An earlier release of the very same kit. The box art looks different with wing mirrors, stock wheels and not-so-wide wheel arches, but inside is the same old trusty IMAI kit again. The Speed Star wheels are brightly 'chrome' plated this time. (Thanks Matt !)

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