Hasegawa Z Zone series, Enfini RX-7
1/12 scale

Kit Nr. ZZ-02, Enfini RX-7 Type R

released in 1992

box top (12KB) This is one impressive kit, both in size and in level of detail. The 1/12 model itself has a length of 35cm, but as is usual the case with car model kits, the box is much bigger that the actual model.
The level of detail is impressive, engine bay, chassis and interior come with all the bits and pieces that can be found in the real one. Despite many movable parts emphasis is put on ease of construction.
The body is made out of high-gloss ABS plastic, the color of which is a near-perfect match to Mazda's Vintage Red. However the red plastic is somewhat translucent so a coat of paint will improve the overall look of the model considerably. When painting ABS, remember to use an automotive primer suitable for ABS plastic as most types of paint don't adhere too well to ABS plastic.
One final point of interest to Mazda RX-7 enthousiasts is that an original Japanese Enfini RX-7 brochure is included with the kit. This brochure shows many details on the real car that are of use when constructing the model.

Kit Nr. ZZ-03, Enfini RX-7 Type X

released in 1993

box top (23.4KB) A slightly altered version of the Type R model with the body parts now molded in solid black ABS.
New parts are an airbag-equipped steering wheel a new part for the lower nose, replacing the front spoiler and there is a self-adhesive weatherstrip provided to form the outlines of a sun roof.
An optional set of racing decals is included for a Japanese Group N race car.
finished kit (8KB)

Kit Nr. CQ-2, RX-7 Trans Material

released in 1993

box top (11.5KB) Hasegawa released a limited edition conversion kit containing parts for converting the 1/12 RX-7 into a Gr.N race car: racing seat, dashboard, tub, roll cage and a large decal sheet.

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