1/6 Scale B-Girl

CG Gwen Gwen is yet another one of my B-Girls, a Cool Girl body fitted with a Barbie head. Once again I bought this Barbie head loose off eBay.
The expression on her face and her somewhat enigmatic smile make her simply irresistable.

The head has a 'Mackie' face, her hair was originally tied in a pony tail but the head is fully rooted so I untied her hair.
Before I worked out from which doll this head originated I noted that the short pony tail, pale skin tone and subdued make-up suggested a collectors edition Ballerina.
Indeed, a picture at Fashiondollz confirmed that this head originated from a 2016 Pink Label 'Ballet Wishes' (DGW35) collectors doll.

This Mackie head sculpt is one of the older Barbie heads, it is smaller than more recent Barbie heads so she blends in nicely with the original Cool Girls.
The face has a beautiful little nose and delicate features. After I took the first set of pictures I noticed that her smile looks even more lovely when light strikes her from the front.

The skintone of the head is a close match to that of a CG v2 type A 'enhanced' body.
I slightly modified the neck of the CG v2 body. After that I used a piece of vinyl tubing to adapt the neck post to the wider neck hole of the head.

For now I made her black shiny leggings and gave her a black and white turtle neck sweater to wear.

CG Gwen
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Member SinceSep 12th 2019
bodyCG v2 type A 'enhanced' (cloned)
head2016 Ballet Wishes Barbie DGW35
sculpt code24740 ('Mackie' face sculpt ©1991)
remarksneck adapted to fit head
removed notches from wrist pegs

Portrait of Gwen
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Gwen Gwen Gwen Gwen and Kim Gwen

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