Ferrari 308 GTB
1/24 Monogram kit (reboxed by Revell Germany, 7296)

Monogram box art (31.4kB)


This is a very basic kerbside model, (for example: the wheels have to be fitted to straight plastic sticks) but what is there is very nicely detailed, down to valve stems on the wheels and lots of other fine details. Perhaps even better: Monogram managed to capture the distinctive shape of the 308 very well.
The kit originates from Monogram, the original box is pictured on the right. Around 1987 Revell Germany reboxed this kit and included some nice decals, I found the reboxed Revell kit discounted at a toy shop and just could not resist buying it.

birds eye frontal view (28.4kB) left side view (28.8kB) left rear 3/4 view (35.7kB) left birdseye view (40.4kB)


There were only a few changes needed to build the model the way I like it:

The rest is down to painting.

Paint and finish

The Ferrari 308 was sold in a wide range of colors and I felt the shape of the body would really benefit from a metallic shade, so I sprayed the body in a nice pale green metallic shade from the Revell Car Metallics range.
Then I sprayed the floorpan, the interior tub and the engine lid louvres flat black.
I masked the recessed line along the body and sprayed it flat black.
I masked the areas surrounding the louvres on the front fenders and sprayed the 'open' end of the louvres flat black, keeping the airbrush at a shallow angle to avoid paint reaching the top of the louvres.
Finally I sprayed the wheels Humbrol MetalCote Matt Aluminium but did not polish it, this results in a nice subdued aluminium shade.
The rest of the painting was done by hand.
I painted the small indicator lights on the front fenders entirely chrome silver, then carefully painted the tiny lenses with Tamiya Clear Orange, leaving the bezels chrome silver. In a similar way I painted the reflectors on the rear bumper chrome silver with a top coat of Tamiya clear red.

There are lots of finely raised details all over the model, I used a fine brush to paint raised details such as:

I had painted most details by hand, so I only used very little of the nice decals Revell provided: the Ferrari badge on the nose, the Italian license plates and the Italian nationality decal.

Date finished: July 28th, 1989.

Paints used
bodyRevell Car Metallic 398
interior, window sills, bumpers, door mirrorHumbrol 85 satin black
wheelsHumbrol MetalCote Matt Aluminium
silver emblems, interior detailsHumbrol 11 silver
base of Ferrari emblemsTamiya Acrylic X-8 lemon yellow
floor pan, louvres, emblem detailsHumbrol 33 flat black
indicator lightsTamiya Acrylic X-26 clear orange
tail lightsTamiya Acrylic X-27 clear red

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