Change Log for RX-7 Color Overview

10 sep 2022Added note to Spark Yellow YU about being a close match to Mini color '902 Liquid Yellow'
 27 aug 2022 changed color sample of Solar Gold M4 to a more orange hue (from #cfa750 to #de9b4d); added model paint code for Sunlight Silver metallic in 2001-2002 table .
28 feb 2022changed code for Brilliant Black from PZ to A3F in 2001-2002 table as PZ was discontinued after 2000; adjusted number of distinct colors from 74 to 75; added image of paint code sticker on SA hood
3 feb 2022copy for new website
28 nov 2021changed interior code FE1 from 'Black' to 'Black/Tan', moved FE1 from 1989 to 1990 and added FE1 to 1992 FC Convertible colors
9 apr 2021changed links after moving images
11 dec 2020added note on Deep Purple Pearl FD color to header and made some layout changes
16 sep 2020added note with link on wheel colors to header
7 jun 2020added link to SA GT interior picture to comments of 1978 list
6 jul 2019added Daytona Blue metl A9 to 1979-1980 list
added Sophia Red metl P5 to 1984-85 list
adjusted number of distinct colors from 72 to 74
9 nov 2018Added link to this change log
 12 okt 2018 changed color sample of Spark Yellow YU to a more pale hue (from #f7e368 to #f7e980) after seeing a well preserved Spark Yellow Rx-7 at Mazda Hoebeke.
5 aug 2018adjusted number of distinct colors from 70 to 72
4 aug 2018added Aurora White WN to 1981-1983 list
added Opal Green metl W1 to 1984-85 list
added 'GXL only' to comments for Winning Silver metl in 1989 list
3 aug 2018new separate tables for 1978 exterior and interior colors
added Canal Blue metl V4 to 1984-85 list
changed color sample of Sydney Blue DP from #5c6e94 to #5c6694 in 1984-85 list after finding better reference, Sydney Blue appears to be the color that was applied to many Mazda vans in the 80ies.
22 jul 2018changed color sample of Pure Red NP from #cf2323 to #f23722 after finding better references. I used to confuse Sunrise Red and Pure Red, thinking that the bright vermillion color that was applied to most early FCs was Sunrise Red. The new references showed me that it actually is Pure Red that is vermillion and that Sunrise Red is the darker shade.
added codes for all known Motip matches
added links to Zero Paints
4 may 2018added Tamiya TS-76 code to Silver Stone metl 3L in 1989 table
8 apr 2018added picture of 1988 10th Anniv RX-7 FC
7 apr 2018added serialnrs to intro dates for Pure Red NP, Dover White WU, Royal Maroon metl 3A and Claret mica 2H in 1985-88 table
added Sonic Blue SN to 1989 table
added Brave Blue mica 5N to 1989 table
added Champagne Silver metl 4F to 1989 table
sdded Silver Stone metl 3L to 1989 table
added California Red mica 2N to 1989 table
added interior code FE0 to 1989 table
added 'not available on Turbo II' to Brave Blue mica in 1990-91 table
added notes on black/tan convertible interior to 1990-91 and to 1992 FC tables
added note on 2001 RZ interior to 2001-2002 tables.
26 mrt 2018added exception for Pure White A3D as being solid ISO metl
added '2002 Type R Bathurst only' to Sunlight Silver metl 22V in 2001-02 table
11 mrt 2018added 'Discontinued for 1997' to Montego Blue M8 in 1994-97 table
4 mrt 2018added note with link on Spirit R interiors to 2001-02 tables
15 jan 2018changed spelling 'grey' to 'gray'
1 jan 2018changed name 'Red Copper metl' to 'Radiant Copper metl' in 1978-80 table
28 dec 2017changed color sample of Spark Yellow YU from #ffe558 to #f7e368 in 1978-80 table
changed name of Spark Yellow metl to Spark Yellow in 1978-80 table
added Sonic Bronze metl Y5 to 1978-80 table
added tables with interior colors to 1978-80 and 1981-83 tables
added 'Turbo II only' to Brilliant Black PZ in 1985-88 table
1 sep 2017added tables for 1992 FC Convertible
19 apr 2017added Tamiya TS-92 code to Red Copper metl in 1978-80 table
8 jan 2017added numbered links to footer notes of tables
23 nov 2016added note on satin black trim
16 oct 2016added model paint matches to Clair Orange OC, Sunrise Red RH, Impulse Blue AY, Renaissance Red metl R3, Tornado Silver metl K8, Imperial Gold metl M3, Space Yellow YW, Sparkling Black metl H1, Sound Silver metl S7, Crystal White UC, Blaze Red SQ, Vintage Red NU, Silver Stone metl 3L, Chaste White PT, Sunburst Yellow HZ, Vintage Red II NT, Pure White A3D and interior colors.
2 oct 2016changed color sample of Mach Green metl G4 from #8fba5d to #6fb53f
changed color sample of Innocent Blue mica 20P from #0163ae to #4163ae after finding a better reference (original color was copied from page).
1 oct 2016added Tamiya TS-52 code to Mach Green metl G4
corrected note about US 10th anniversary edition below 1978-80 table
added Shade Green GU to 1989 table
corrected Black Forrest mica 4S to Shade Green GU in 1990-91 table
corrected Noble Green II mica 11N to Noble Green mica VQ in 1990-91 table
3 sep 2016added Impulse Blue AY to 1978-80 table
added Renaissance Red metl R3 to 1978-80 table
added Red Copper metl Y9 to 1978-80 table
added Marine Blue metl A7 to 1978-80 table
added Concord Silver metl D6 to 1978-80 table
added Tornado Silver K8 to 1978-80 table
added Space Yellow YW to 1981-83 table
added Sparkling Black metl H1 to 1981-83 table
renamed Royal Blue L6 to Rhyl Blue L6 in 1984-85 table
added Formula White WT to 1984-85 table
added Sydney Blue DP to 1984-85 table
added Orient Yellow TC to 1984-85 table
added Advan Silver metl S6 to 1984-85 table
added Sound Silver metl S7 to 1984-85 table
added picture of 1984 Rx-7 in Two Tone Gold metallic
added color samples of interior colors to 1984-85 table
added Black Forrest mica 4S to 1990-91 table
added Noble Green II 11N to 1990-91 table
added Sunburst Yellow HZ to 1994-97 table
added Snow White mica N6 to 1994-97 table
split 1998-2002 table into 1998-2000 and 2001-2002
30 aug 2016Added interior color lists to FC and FD lists
27 aug 2016initial version of page

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