Dominic's RX-7 FD3S

The actual RX-7 FD3S used in the movie 'The Fast and The Furious' was sold on eBay in July 2001 (item #1443331842).
For reference I copied the following pictures and details from the auction page.
The auction page did refer to the website but that site went offline long ago.
Since I can not find these details anywhere on the web anymore, I've decided to put them on this page.

Please note that I made a straight copy of the data on the auction page, including its layout, so any errors are not mine Smilie :o) (actually one obvious error is in the rear wheel size that should read 18x9.5 instead of 18x19.5; and of course "RE Aminiya" should be "RE Amemiya").

Vehicle type Mazda RX-7
Year 1993
Vehicle Mileage 85,000 miles
Engine Mileage 4,000 miles
Exterior color Formula Racing Red
Modifications (many more unlisted...)
Body Full CII Veilside body kit RE Aminiya headlight conversion
Veilside Carbon fiber GT wing .
Wheels Veilside Andrew eF's wheels 18x8.5 Front Veilside Andrew eF's wheels 18x19.5 Rear
Fully built 13B Rotary Engine
(Motor capable of supporting up to
500 HP)
3mil Apex seals Blitz blow off
Huge Street port Blitz twin filters
Knight Sports radiator Cosmo fuel pump
Blitz front mount intercooler Tuned ECU
Interior Apex EL gauges Apex EL Tach
Apex AVC-R Boost controller Sparco racing harnesses
Veilside steering wheel Veilside shift knob

It looks like the 'Formula Racing Red' paint used was Honda 'Formula Red' R-77 (DupliColor/Motip equivalent 5-0330), this color was available for the Honda (and Acura) NSX.

Greg Lieberman, who was the technical advisor for the movie 'The Fast and The Furious' and who was in charge of selecting the tuner cars used in the movie has a website with more info on these cars.
More pictures and info on Dom's RX-7 can be found on Gregs site.

FnF RX-7 FD right front FnF RX-7 FD right side FnF RX-7 FD right rear FnF RX-7 FD left side FnF RX-7 FD left front FnF RX-7 FD front

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